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Песенка о любви к интернет-троллям

По наводке Джона Скальци.

«Песенка о любви к интернет-троллям»
[«Love Song For Internet Trolls»]
(на ютюбе опубликована 24.09.2013 г.)

Текст песни со странички ролика:

you were told, back in the day
if you don't have anything nice to say to keep quiet. Don't be a jerk,
don't devalue the work someone's done, even if you don't like it

I was told, back in the day
you can judge a man by the way that he treats others, to find someone nice
there is all this advice so a girl doesn't find herself being used

but both you and I resist control
and neither of us did the things we were told and

I love you, even though you are an internet troll
there's something about you that I want to know
it's the way that you write
so offensive and trite
with such passion it's sort of appealing

I love you, even though you're a commenter from hell
the predictable way you don't know how to spell
and you're hateful
disgusting, ungrateful
like you don't understand, other people have feelings

I feel like you don't even know
if you don't enjoy a youtube video
you can stop it. you don't have to watch it.
your ignorance is just amazing.

it seems like you've never heard
that if media doesn't speak your words
you can make something new, express your view
it's a delight how you're so darn LAZY

the internet makes you feel so empowered
you almost forget you're a stupid coward

I love you, even though you are an internet troll
online you've got no self-control
the things that you say aren't OK
even when you're anonymous at a distance

I love you even though you're a commenter from hell
the magical way you angry so well
and so quickly, you're zero to 60
But I've got admire your persistence

We were told, back in the day
that if someone's a bully that's because they
are sad with themselves, they're broken and need help
and they put others down so they feel better

and yes, that is true
I know you are hateful because you completely lack value
but I still like you
I bet you'd know how to fix my computer

It makes you happy when others are sad
It's cute how you blame the world for making you feel bad

I love you even though you are an internet troll
even though you're deeply sad and alone
and you're mean
you act like you're thirteen
boy, you do wonders for my self-esteem

Авторы и исполнители песни — дуэт сестер Анджелы [Angela] и Обри Веббер [Aubrey Webber], который также известен под названием «The Doubleclicks» (по ссылке — их блог). Анджела поёт и играет на укулеле, Обри подпевает и аккомпанирует на виолончели.

(Слева — Анджела, справа — Обри. Источник фото.)

Они пообещали публиковать на своем ютюб-канале по новой песне каждую среду, начиная с 25 сентября. Дуэт особо прославился песенкой «Нечего доказывать» [«Nothing to Prove»] — гимном девушек-гиков, этот ролик (, опубликованный 23.07.2013 г., за два с хвостиком месяца набрал к сегодняшнему дню на ютюбе больше миллиона просмотров.

В жанре обращения к интернет-троллям запомнился еще один ролик:
(на ютюбе опубликован 08.06.2012 г.)

Но он более пафосный, и хотя сделан профессиональнее, мне понравился меньше, чем у сестер Веббер. Песня называется «Спасибо тебе, ненавистник!» [«Thank You Hater!»], производство продюсерской компании «Clever Pie», автор и исполнитель — Изабель Фэй [Isabel Fay].
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